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Bringing new meaning to your life

How do you bring purpose to your life?

I love the following text by David le Breton, which has accompanied me in my life for several years now. I think this text reminds us of the importance of how we interpret our experiences in life and teaches us that we can also change, reconsider, and investigate the negative interpretation we initially had of the events or episodes we faced.

"We all have within us the resources to change the meaning of the world, to rebuild, to forgive..."

David le Breton

I will even go as to say that when someone says something that upsets you and makes you angry, it’s often because your values are threatened.

Try to ask yourself at that moment if you have misinterpreted what the person is saying and maybe also ask yourself if you really need to get angry.

Try to clarify what the person really means, bearing in mind that they do not have the same beliefs and values as you, also try to tell yourself that the person talking to you probably has things to sort out with themselves too and that perhaps what they are saying isn’t really anything to do with you.

This exercise is not easy to do and requires practice, but if you can do it, even if only occasionally, you will avoid some unnecessary anger.

I can help you redefine your values, work on your beliefs, and help you move forward with confidence to give or restore purpose to your life.

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